face  I was born at the beautiful Greek island of Karpathos and I grew up in a large  and extended family.

 At age 18 I immigrated to Australia, where I completed undergraduate studies (Β.Α.) at the University of New England (Armidale) in 1984 and postgraduate (Μ.Α.) at Macquarie University (Sydney) in 1991. My thesis was on "Inter-generational patterns of drug misuse in the Greek Community of Sydney". I, also, hold a graduate diploma in hypnotherapy from N.S.W. School of Hypnotic Sciences since 1986.

I am a registered psychologist in New South Wales (Australia) since 1991 (Reg.No. PS0011316) and in Greece since 1994 (Reg.No. 3592/ 25-1-94). I am, also, an accredited translator (English →Greek) be the National Accreditation Authority for Translator and Interpreters.

From 1988 to 1991 I served at   LifeLine Sydney as senior psychologist at the department of drug and alcohol addiction. There, I was introduced to a 24-hours telephone counselling service that was pioneered back in 1963. At that position, which I enjoyed greatly with my Australian colleagues, I was given immense experience in order to develop my own online-distant counselling practice.

After my repatriation to Greece, in 1992, I worked at the Research and Graduate Institute of Psychiatry at the University of Athens (epipsi), as a senior coordinator of epidemiological research in mental health.  Since 1994 I am in private practice and founder of the Psychological Centre in Piraeus. TherapyNet.gr is an extension of the activities of the Centre to provide services via the internet.

My articles have been published in scientific journals and other popular publications. I have also written the book  "Ariadne's Thread; to exit heroin's labyrinth" , which clearly and boldly attempts to analyze the phenomenon of addiction to heroin and drugs in general and to shed light on an issue so misunderstood.

I am married to Ζenovia, a piano teacher, and we have two boys Κostis and Panagiotis. My interests focus on family, personal and clients’ growth. I enjoy writing and I appreciate the benefits deriving from it. I endeavour to cultivate love and friendship, which I believe are the main and basic elements of human prosperity and personal development. I enjoy good company with good wine and mature discussions. I am a nature lover, with a deep rooted ecological consciousness, and attempt to derive nature's benefits at every opportunity.

My upbringing as Christian Orthodox has instilled me with faith in the providence and the grace of God. My faith, also, has taught me to cherish and respect all people, regardless of their religious, social or racial background.