To exit the maze of heroin

John C. Constantinides

"The thread of Ariadne" is an anthropocentric book, well documented, written in understandable language. And it comes:
- To shed light on the forces that have transformed an ancient folk medicine, opium, to a social scourge - heroin.
-To distinguish reality from demonology surrounding addictive substances, their use and dependence.
- To inform all interested parties to develop responsible attitudes.
-To provide evidence that can help to steer the society towards the exit from the labyrinth of drugs.
-To serve as a therapeutic tool for user and as a prevention tool for every family.

The use of heroin has entered for good in modern societies and especially in epidemic form. Each year many young people are involved in the turmoil and struggling desperately, together with their families.
This book seeks to distinguish reality from demonology, and to assist the reader to become the catalyst for positive developments.
It explores the historical evolution of the phenomenon over the past two centuries, and focuses on those factors (political, social, economic etc.) that converted the opium (an ancient therapeutic and recreational product) into a social scourge - heroin. It explores also the interests of those illegally -and legally- who continue to support this situation.
It analyzes the phenomenon of drug dependence from psychological mainly scopes. It examines the ways in which the heroine pseudo-meets the deepest desires of people, and the psychological processes involved so that the dependence of this taking hold and be so durable.
The book wants to help create a social awareness that will shape different approaches to the problem. At the same time it empowers the user –and his family- for the exit from the maze of heroin.

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