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As in a private session in a psychologist's office, so in a session via videoconference, the therapeutic relationship is governed by some basic principles and obligations. Both parties must take into consideration  and consent for the optimal course of therapy.

We provide psychological services without discrimination of age, descent, religious or political beliefs. For persons under eighteen years of age the consent of one parent is required.

Therapy is subject to confidentiality of the psychologist. The client has the right not to disclose his identity if he/she so wishes. The information gathered by the psychologist is intended only to carry out his tasks and is not to be used for any other purposes.

Waiver of confidentiality can take place only when the client appears to jeopardize his/her life or that of another person. In the cases, a relative or the appropriate authorities will be informed.

During an online therapy the psychologist may keep written records in order to conduct his work and be able to follow up the case in future sessions. There is no other kind of recording the information.

The client has the right to ask the therapist for information concerning his education, his experience, the approaches he uses at his therapeutic endeavour, his professional registration or anything that he or she may needs to know to assure the therapist’s appropriateness.

The services provided by TherapyNet.gr are purely that of counselling and psychotherapy. However, if the client needs a different approach, he/she we‘ll be advised for an appropriate referral.